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Dock Crew Positions

Position Description – Dock Construction Crew:

   Dock crews specialize in the installation and removal of both wooden plank docks and aluminum sectional docks on West Lake Okoboji, East Lake Okoboji, Upper Gar, Minnewashta, and Lower Gar Lakes.

 General Job Description:

  • Danbom Lake Service Inc. Dock Crews personnel work in various locations around the Iowa Great Lakes. This is a temporary, full-time seasonal position running from approximately April 1, 2024 through June 10, 2024 and again from September 15, 2024 to November 15, 2024. Currently we are looking to fill five openings.  No prior education or experience required.

 Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist in the spring installation and fall removal of docks
  • Assist in the construction of wood plank and aluminum sectional docks utilizing a 10 x 40 dock barge.
  • Work takes place over water and requires tasks involving good balance with the ability to walk
  • on 12-inch-wide planks and bending and stretching on a frequent basis. 
  • Work requires carrying dock components from the shore to the dock and visa-versa
  • Must be able to follow instructions of the crew lead and be detail oriented
  • Crews consist of a three or four-person team efficiently and safely building docks to the highest
  • quality level.
  • Basic hand tools such as tape measures, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, clamps and battery powered tools are supplied
  • Personal safety and the safety of those around work sites (employees, bystanders, etc.) is a #1 priority
  • Teamwork, cooperation and responsibility
  • Communication throughout each day
  • Salesmanship: Employees represent Danbom to our customers and potential customers every day
  • Safe operation of dock barge and associated equipment to productively install and remove lake front docks to the specifications/satisfaction of Danbom customers
  • Safe operation of lumber/crew truck (and trailer if applicable) to and from jobsite
  • Quality installation/removal of wooden plank and aluminum sectional docks and accessories (if applicable) with a profit mindset
  • Maintenance of all tools, safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Replacement of lost or stolen tools
  • Loading of lumber (new and old) onto truck or trailer for safe transport to and from jobsite
  • Unloading of scrap lumber (neatly) into dump trailer for disposal


  • Workers must be able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly, work in various temperatures and weather conditions
  • Be available to work overtime and weekends when needed
  • It is preferred that all Dock Crew maintain a valid driver's license in order to drive provided transportation carrying materials between the worksites if needed

 Schedules and Compensation:

  • Docking hours may vary according to sunrise and sunset, weather conditions and necessity of a dock installation or removal. Dock crews are paid by the number of planks per dock.  This can result in weekly take home pay ranging anywhere from $650 to $1100.

 Employer Contact Information:  

  • Danbom Lake Service, Inc., 2506 Okoboji Avenue Milford, IA 51351, 712-338-2661

 Tips from customers may be graciously accepted.  Such tips are NEVER to interfere with direction provided by management and the best interest of company.


This is a general description of the job duties and not intended to be all-encompassing.