Collection: Blue Water Hoists

All Blue Water Boat Hoists are built out of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is standard steel that is coated in zinc to provide enhanced corrosion resistance. It is manufactured right in the heart of the Iowa Great Lakes. We take pride in building a quality, affordable product that protects your investment.

Our fully enclosed chain drive system is not only an important safety feature - it also keeps your drive chain out of the elements to ensure that it stays oiled and rust free, a standard on all Blue Water Hoists.

All electric motors starting with our BW50118 are equipped with thermal overload protection with a manual reset button. To top it off, they are pre drilled with drain holes to keep driving rain from being trapped inside.

No matter what boat you may own, many options are available. We build galvanized cradle equipment to fit inboards, I/0s, pontoons, and plan on making a change to a wakeboard boat? No problem. Call for pricing and details.

How to place an order

If you are interested in a product please reach out to us at (712) 338-2661 during business' hours for more information and pricing.